Frequently asked questions.

General Information

Terms and conditions

  1. The created application is the display of your home page in the application window.
  2. Application preview may be different from the finished product.
  3. We cannot guarantee operation or appearance of your home page in the application window.
  4. We cannot guarantee approval of your application through "Android Google Play" and "Apple App Store".
  5. We cannot guarantee operation of your application in all models of mobile devices.
  6. The content of the application must comply with "Android Google Play" and "Apple App Store" terms and conditions.
  7. Choosing the service "Publishing in Google app store" you must secure a valid "Google Play publisher account" with the possibility of adding our account as administrator and provide the application description and application icons.
  8. Refund is possible only for the unreceived services.
  9. Refund is not possible for the services that were not delivered due to your fault.

We don’t allow apps that contain

  1. Sexually Explicit Content
  2. Child Endangerment
  3. Violence
  4. Bullying and Harassment
  5. Hate Speech
  6. Gambling
  7. Other Illegal Activities

Application License

  1. Application is your intellectual property
  2. You can use your application commercially
  3. You can resell your application